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Hello, I am Michel (michel.c at gmail) and I created Solitaire-Play in August 2014. Twenty years ago, I had already written a few games with Visual Basic 3. The very first was Golf, a solitaire card game with no drag & drop to manage. Today, with HTML, CSS and JavaScript I should be able to do it again.

Change log

2021/07/09 Aces suit on top right makes them identifiable underneath another card.
+ Dialogs are now closable.
2021/07/05 New variant: Australian Patience Easy with 2 redraws.
2021/06/12 Launched Australian Patience.
2020/02/08 New Alaska Solitaire.
2019/06/12 Improved FreeCell with an animated AutoPlay.
2019/04/29 Updated FreeCell with “SuperMove”.
2019/03/21 Added FreeCell Solitaire, a must-have for a game website.
2019/01/29 New variant: Pyramid Turn Three Solitaire.
2018/11/06 Launched Canfield Turn Three Solitaire.
2018/09/13 Added Canfield Solitaire.
2018/07/03 New Pyramid Solitaire.
2018/04/17 Launched Russian Solitaire.
2018/03/21 Added Yukon Solitaire.
2018/01/29 Added a sixth fifth free solitaire game: Aces Up.
2017/10/20 Three years anniversary (and a few months): Monte Carlo Solitaire.
2016/08/21 Two years anniversary: the classic Klondike Turn Three Solitaire.
2016/06/07 Third free game: Cruel Solitaire.
2016/03/20 Better CSS and drag & drop.
2016/02/25 Hamburger menu to select a solitaire online game.
2015/12/12 New phone cards with suit on left, for better fan view.
2015/11/05 Second free game: Golf Solitaire.
2015/03/15 Completed the new responsive design for phones and tablets.
+ Added a new cards deck for small screens and phones.
2014/08/21 Started the game with the famous Klondike Solitaire.