Solitaire / Select Solitaire Game

Currently, Solitaire-Play website offers only two card games: the classic Klondike solitaire and a Golf solitaire. But I expect to create more games this year. So I need to find a way to select which solitaire you want to play online.

From the beginning, I display menu options in the top right of the title bar:

But on phone, I have to be responsive and the "GAME" option is hidden. This way, you click the game title to start a free solitaire game.

So it would be difficult to add a new menu option to select between Klondike and Golf. Plus I didn't know how to name this option ("GAME" may be? Then old "GAME" become "PLAY"? Or simply "OPTION"?). And for months, I just display a big link "Play Klondike Solitaire" or "Play Golf Solitaire" near the game subtitle.

Sometimes ago, I found a better solution. I can use "the" hamburger menu: it's small, I don't have to find a good name and people are used to this symbol.

And "cerise sur le gâteau", there is a Unicode symbol which looks like the hamburger menu: the character for "IDENTICAL TO" (U+2261).

Last days, I just need to adapt the game over dialog box, show two buttons for Klondike and Golf, write a few lines of javascript and do this print screen:

Now I really have to build another online solitaire game before 2017.

Michel (2016/03/02)