Solitaire / This Site Uses Cookies

Some cookies are “normal” because servers and browsers need them to work.

Some cookies are less necessary. Solitaire-Play uses AdSense, so you get cookies from Google. Hopefully they're not evil.

With AdSense I can earn some money. Yay! I also use it for basic statistics. For example, I know how many people played solitaire online, day by day. And I can check that responsive design is still relevant by looking at the distribution by phone, tablet and desktop.

Also, it's nice to see that users come from all over the world to play online.

I decided not to use web analytics because I didn't need to know as much information about your browsing.

I chose to use AdSense. You can choose to disable cookies and Google will only give you contextual ads. Here are some links to do this depending on your browser:

Another way is to opt out of accepting cookies from Google AdSense: Control your Google ads.

Michel (2015/09/28)